Christmas on Mistletoe Lake

  • Type:
    • TV Movie
  • Genre:
    • Holiday
    • Christmas
  • Key Cast:
    • Genelle Williams
    • Corey Sevier
  • Channel:
    • Lifetime

Interior designer Reilly finds herself this Christmas in the magical town of Mistletoe Lake with, albeit with no place to stay. She accepts the offer of the charming local boat owner Ray to stay in his boat, helping him renovate the boat for the town’s infamous Christmas Harbor Festival. As Ray shows Reilly the timeless magic of his lake town, they can’t help but get caught up in that magic themselves. Determined to stop the sale and renovation of the town’s harbor, Reilly embarks on a journey to save the towns she fell in love with; realizing in the process that the town isn’t the only thing that stole her heart.

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