Six Degrees of Santa

  • Type:
    • TV Movie
  • Genre:
    • Holiday
    • Christmas
  • Key Cast:
    • Kathryn Davis
    • Steve Lund
  • Channel:
    • Lifetime

Christmas enthusiast and single mom, Steph, has created a program, Six Degrees of Santa, in which anonymous “Santas” give a gift (along with instructions) to be passed along, temporarily enjoyed, and re-gifted, indefinitely. Her goal is to create a Christmas experience that’s real-life, magical, and unexpected. When Steph’s own gift lands in the hands of a leading internet entrepreneur, Jason, he’s convinced that the original Santa might be his soul mate. He seeks out Steph, as the architect of the program, to help him track down this mystery woman (that happens to be her). Jason represents everything Steph is against, especially when it comes to Christmas, so she gets to work immediately… on leading him astray.

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