Spotlight on Christmas

  • Type:
    • TV Movie
  • Genre:
    • Holiday
    • Family
    • Comedy
    • Christmas
  • Key Cast:
    • Tori Anderson
    • Victor Zinck Jr.
  • Channel:
    • Lifetime

Dumped two weeks before Christmas, famous Hollywood actress Olivia O’hara secretly returns to her tiny hometown to hide, eat cookies and avoid the press. What she doesn’t expect, is to be faced with the family she left behind, a new guy in her life (charming high school teacher Casey Rawlins), and a noisy reporter (she’s been followed!). Completely overwhelmed, Olivia contemplates running away from her life (aka feelings) once again but with a new found confidence and freedom, Olivia bravely steps up to take the starring role in her own life realizing that home is where the heart is and that she deserves to be loved for exactly who she really is.

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