A Deadly Mistake

After a car accident leaves her boyfriend in a coma, April’s panic attacks return and make her life a living hell. However, once she accepts the kindness of a stranger trying to help her, she realizes that he might not be the stranger she thought he is. With a past holding much more sinister motives […]

He’s Not Worth Dying For

Two girls: Grace – a straight A, innocent teen from a stable family, and Isla – an emancipated, daughter of a single father battle, both in real life and through their social media posts for the affection of a teenage boy who is plays them against each other. Their escalating conflict leads to deadly consequences.

A Deadly Surrogacy

Long before the tragic death of her husband, Susie Ashcroft froze an embryo. Now, emerging from the throes of grief, surrogate Lorna Morgan agrees to carry the child to help Susie have the family she’s always dreamed of. The partnership is a dream to begin, but danger begins to follow Susie wherever she goes and […]

Stealing in Suburbia

After being home-schooled for the past few years, Sky can’t wait to get back into the traditional high school experience and make some new friends. But, when her new gang seem to prefer shoplifting to hanging out, Sky soon begins to wonder whether she’s fallen in with the wrong crowd.