Mama Dearest

When Josh, a handsome young football star, is left with a broken leg after a car accident on a remote road between Florida and Georgia, he is rescued by a strange girl named Hillary, who hides him away in a hunting cabin on her family’s run-down property to recuperate. When he realizes that she is not going to let him go, he es-capes, only to encounter her mother, Angela, who is even more twisted than her daughter and is determined to keep Josh prisoner for her own…

Body in the Attic

Inspired by True Events – An unhappy wife convinces her lover to move into her attic. But when she finds him dead, she becomes convinced that her unsuspecting husband found out and is keeping his knowledge of her affair a secret to mentally torture her. Does he know the truth? Or is someone else responsible for her lover’s death?

Ann Rule: Twelve Desperate Hours

Based on the Best-Selling Novel and Inspired by True Events: A woman abducted by a man with a gun is set in a race against time – to get back to her family and to convince this guy not to hurt her, himself, or anyone else on his quest for revenge.

Falling for the Manny

When successful businesswoman and single mom Alice finds herself up for partner at her firm, there’s just one obstacle – the annual partners ‘family’ retreat in Hawaii that she’s been invited to attend alongside off and on boyfriend Max, who’s also her competition. Forced to blur the boundary between personal and professional life, Alice hires her sister’s manny, Jacob, to help look after her 9-year-old daughter while they’re away. Can Alice become a partner, bond with her daughter and land her dream man-ny at the same time?

Project Baby

When Anna and Vaughn need to visit a sick relative out of town last minute, their best friends Cassandra and Chris agree to look after their baby whilst they’re gone. Except for this odd couple, looking after a baby is trickier than they first imagined…

Who Killed My Sister?

A college freshman rushes the same sorority where her sister died rushing two years before in hopes of finding out the truth about her death.

Secret Lives of College Students

When Eve, a 19-year-old college student, is convinced by her friend to sneak out for a wild night of partying, her friend winds up dead – and Eve loses her college athletic scholarship. She meets Carla, a successful event planner, who offers what seems to be the “perfect” job to pay for tuition. But before long, Eve discovers this opportunity is nothing more than a front for the dangerous sugaring scheme that caused her friend’s death.

Here Kills the Bride

Inspired by the Highly Acclaimed Thriller “The Perfect Bride” – Jessica is shocked to find out that her brother, Carlos, is getting married in a week to Grace, a girl he just met in a strip club, something he would never regularly do. Determined to find out the real reasons behind the marriage, Jessica gets pulled into a whirlwind of events, putting her own life at risk. Is Carlos in trouble? Or is Grace a victim?