Unforgettable Christmas

If Princess Colette were to get a Christmas wish, she would rather be a fashion designer than heir to her country’s throne, but when she develops amnesia and works for rising designer Wilson James on a collection for a charity Christmas Eve Gala, she finds both her true calling and her true love.

Christmas Casanova

Elise is a podcaster in need of catchy Christmas content. Daniyal, a talented Creative Director at an advertising agency, has only one weakness– selling Christmas. When Daniyal’s childhood friend lands herself in a serious relationship, Daniyal panics, wondering if he’s overlooked the love of his life. When her family decides to spend Christmas in New York, Daniyal jumps at the opportunity to show them (and her) the best Christmas ever and win her love in the process. Enter Elise, who agrees to be his capable guide in exchange for the ability to record the process. As the two scramble to build the best Christmas ever, it becomes clear that Jake might be trying to win over the wrong woman.

The Marry Me Pact

Charlotte and Rory are best friends and for his 30th he goes travelling around the world. A year later, Charlotte visits a psychic who tells her she is destined to be with Rory when he gets home. Rory comes home…but engaged to Rachel – a girl he met travelling!. He asks Charlotte if she’ll be his ‘Best Woman’ to his wedding.

It’s a Christmas Thing

When 9-year-old Megan dedicates her Christmas wish to helping her mom Cara find love, she enlists the help of their blended family to make it come true. But when the letter goes viral, will Cara realize that what she was looking for was on her doorstop the whole time?

The Fabric of Christmas

Liam, a fireman, and Amy, a quilting teacher, team up to make a Christmas quilt for Liam’s sister’s wedding, but their burgeoning romance is threatened by Liam’s intention to travel to South America after the wedding. As they navigate their feelings for each other and their aspirations, they must decide what is truly important in time for the holiday season.

Learning to Love

When Steph’s long term boyfriend breaks up with her, she moves to Miami and takes a job working as a tutor for two daughters of a successful but aloof architect. Steph is living the dream until her feelings for Harry start to grow, and the two girls decide they have to put a stop to the romance unravelling in front of their eyes!

Signs of Your Heart

Allie is a doting single mother to her fun-loving deaf son Finn – but between a busy work schedule and taking care of her child, love is low on her list of priorities. But when her life gets turned upside-down when her tenant has to move out. Allie finds an unlikely new tenant in handsome, free-spirited Ronan, who Finn adores. Between her new dating adventures and a surprising connection with Ronan who might just be the perfect fit, can Allie find her happily ever after?

Sins in the Family

Zara lives an idyllic life with husband Max and their adopted daughter Rose in their historic Rhode Island home. But when school councilor Carly gets strangely close to her daughter and puts Zara on edge, she confesses she is Rose’s birth mum. With Rose in danger and Zara’s perfect life starting to crumble around her, will she find out the truth about Carly before it’s too late?

A Missed Connection

After finding a spark with a woman on a train platform, a photographer posts a missed connection in the newspaper, but never hears from her – then, 5 years later, they’re seated next to each other on a plane heading to the same wedding – hers.