The Love Club: Tara

A free spirit with a beautiful singing voice, Tara has always professed she doesn’t need a partner, or “so called commitment”, after all, she has the Love Club. So just days before New Year’s, Tara declares she will have the year of Tara, one where she focuses solely on her singing career. After calling upon her friends, the Love Club show up to help plan Tara’s commitment-to-herself party.

The Love Club: Lauren

For years Lauren put her dreams of opening an art gallery on hold while her husband Peter moved up in his career. Her resentments eventually overshadowed the love they once shared bringing them to the brink of divorce. Faced with divorce papers, Lauren recruits the Love Club to help her move on. But when her friends sense that things may not officially be over between Lauren and Peter, they recruit Lauren’s young daughter to help them remind their favorite married couple why they fell in love in the first place.

The Love Club: Sydney

Former star track athlete, Sydney is now a successful food blogger who still holds a flame for her college boyfriend whom she hasn’t seen in ten years… until now. After bumping into him over street food, she discovers he’s entered the Valentine Half Marathon. Despite being out of marathon shape, she quickly signs up for the run then recruits the Love Club to come help!

The Love Club: Nicole

Freshly engaged, interior designer Nicole still wonders if the one she is meant to be with is her mystery school pen-pal whose letters she has kept all these years. At a loss of what to do, she seeks out the help of the Love Club. Knowing their friend Nicole is a hopeless romantic who will never move on until the mystery is solved, they all set out to track down Nicole’s pen-pal.

Lies My Babysitter Told

When new mom Carnie wants to go back to work, she hires the neighbor’s son Matt as childcare much to the reluctance of her husband Nick. Yet as Matt inveigles himself into their lives, it seems he has an insurmountable obsession with Carnie making her uncomfortable and on edge. Yet it’s Nick that Matt has history with and the secret is about to come out.

Hearts Under the Olive Tree

When a world-renowned author can’t find inspiration for her next fantasy book, her over-bearing mother takes her to a farmland retreat to get her creative juices flowing, but what she finds is even more magical…

Sincerely Truly Christmas

When a magical Christmas wish goes wrong and inadvertently gives Christina the ability to hear what gifts everyone wants for the holidays, she quickly learns that convincing reclusive one-hit wonder, Dan Copren, to step back into the limelight could make a lot of people happy. But to get to Dan, Christina must first link up with her handsome realtor, Robert, and help him figure out his son Oliver’s ever-changing Christmas wish list.

Just Like a Christmas Movie

On the verge of a massive deadline, a cynical workaholic is zapped by faulty Christmas lights while stranded in a small Colorado town and finds herself cast as the lead in an over-the-top Hallmark-style holiday movie. Now she must wrap, bake, and carol herself into some Christmas cheer to break the curse and make her way back ho-ho-home.

Steal Your Heart

A mix up over a purchase leaves amateur jeweler, Melissa being enlisted by the CEO of the biggest jewelry company in Miami to help create a bridal line with the CEO’s too-serious son Jake. Reluctantly, Melissa and Jake partner up, but their journey together leads to more than just working together. Love blossoms but will it continue once Melissa is given back the heirloom she mistakenly gave away?