Danger on Party Island

Introverted lawyer Mel Dale is devastated to learn of her adventurous younger sister’s sudden death. But when she travels to collect her sister’s body, she soon becomes suspicious of foul play. With reluctant help from a local bar owner, she begins to unravel the circumstances of her sister’s “accident” and starts to believe that she could be next…

You Can’t Teach Love

When publicist, Elizabeth, finds herself unexpectedly caring for her niece for a couple weeks, she struggles to balance it all and finds unlikely support in the form of her niece’s kindergarten teacher, Jamie.

The Plus One

Lizzie’s only request of her “Male of Honor” Marshall is that he doesn’t bring his hated ex Marie to her destination wedding. But lovesick Marshall brings her as his plus one, and Marie does everything in her power to wreck Lizzie’s big day.

Christmas at Carbell Family Farm

A real estate developer’s plans hit a snag when she discovers that the small Christmas tree farm that she bought once raffled off one-foot deeds to local families. Now, to save her project, she must work with a local historian to track down each family and convince them to sell their little slice of the farm.

Conceived in Lies

INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS – When her baby is diagnosed with a rare genetic disorder, a widowed first-time mom races against time to find a donor, only to uncover a labyrinth of deceit that leads her back to the fertility clinic where her son was conceived.

My Killer Reunion

When Claire and her husband James attend a medical school reunion, they reconnect with an old classmate named Morgan, who is secretly obsessed with James and plans to sabotage Claire’s life so she can have him all to herself.

A Conflict of Love Interest

Scarlett, a serial dater who effortlessly attracts men, meets Jenny, a perpetual singleton who effortlessly fails where Scarlett succeeds. As Scarlett teaches Jenny not to be so dependent on men, she can’t help but start for to fall for the one guy Jenny might finally be getting somewhere with.

Me and Mr. Christmas

Zoe needs a client to put her new PR business on the map, so she convinces bookstore owner Sam he should enter Mr. Christmas- an annual month-long pageant that has eligible bachelors around town compete in a series of holiday activities. Is it just business or can Sam actually become Zoe’s Mr. Christmas?

Killing for Extra Credit

When a mysterious social media account begins to post blind items about the scandals of a small town high school, a troubled teen and her best friend set out to unmask the culprit – with deadly consequences…