Merry & Bright

Kate Bracwell has recently inherited The Merry & Bright Candy Cane Kitchen from her grandmother. It’s a huge responsibility, but she’s ready to take on the challenge and focuses on staying true to her grandmother’s legacy. The company is doing well but needs to adapt to changing times, so she hires a company recovery specialist as a solution. When handsome and charming Gabe Sumner arrives to help, it’s not plain sailing – Gabe is a Christmas cynic and Kate finds it hard to accept change. But as they work closely together, sparks begin to fly. Kate learns to compromise, Gabe rediscovers the magic of Christmas, and more importantly, they find love in each other…

Romance Retreat

After a big breakup, journalist Dana Willingham finds herself alone and stuck at a couple’s yoga retreat while the biggest story of her career breaks far away. And she doesn’t even like yoga! But maybe the universe has put her here for a reason, because the handsome loner staying at the lodge turns out to be Stefan Gonzales, the tech guru at the center of the scandal. As she gains his trust to expose him, she finds herself falling in love with him. Now she must use the lessons from yoga to choose: the perfect story or the perfect man?

Christmas in the Highlands

SHOT IN SCOTLAND. This Christmas, Blair Henderson, a perfume expert from New York is sent by her boss to remote Scotland to find a rare Scottish fragrance, The Heart of the Highlands. But when she arrives, she finds the handsome license owner, Alistair McGregor, is a stubborn aristocrat who won’t sell. Thinking on her feet, she poses as a documentary filmmaker to learn the secret formula. Intrigued by Blair’s American charm, Alistair allows Blair to film his every move. Trapped in the Highlands for the Christmas ball, will Blair and Alistair find the scent of romance in the air?

The Christmas Chalet

A Christmas lover and divorcee books a trip to a chalet with her mother and daughter. However, the same chalet gets booked to a single writer that hates Christmas. Together they learn the magic of Christmas and family.

The Dating List

Abby Morel is a bright, young editor’s assistant living in the big city. Wanting to get ahead in her career, she makes an unusual deal with her high-flying boss, Susan. Susan is far too busy to date, but she wants to fall in love. Abby agrees to ‘screen’ dates in exchange for a promotion, and to add to the pressure, Susan is looking for the perfect man! After a couple of disasters, Abby meets Dan, who seemingly ticks all the boxes. The trouble is, she’s starting to fall for him too… A promising career now within her reach, will she risk losing it all for true love?

Killing Your Daughter

When newly married Candace takes an online DNA test to know her family history, she discovers that her biological parents are no other than two real estate moguls: Tom and Jeannette Mason. Candace is thrilled to meet them, but the Mason’s have a different plan for her… they want her out of their lives and are ready to kill for it.

Killer in Suburbia

Gina and her teenage daughter Kelsey move into a new town so Kelsey can attend a better high school. It’s the start of senior year – meaning new parties to attend and new friends to make. But when Kelsey is abducted while on a date, all Gina’s nightmares come true. Can she save her daughter in time? And can she really trust the people trying to help?

Killer Contractor

Kerry and her daughter Ella head to Kerry’s childhood home to settle estate of her estranged father. But when Kerry hires a local contractor to do a get-ready-for-sale fix on her father’s house, she and her daughter are met with increasingly lethal mishaps…

Eat, Drink and be Married

Just three days out from their wedding day, Jess and Max are ready to call it quits from the out-of-control planning. They visit Billie, the owner of a wedding donation company, specializing in donating leftover wedding elements to those in need. However Max’s brother Charlie will stop at nothing to keep them together, he enlists the help of Billie to ensure this meant-to-be couple gets hitched once and for all.