Scholarship Killer

Hannah is thrilled with how her senior year is going. Her best friends are always by her side, her mom is so supportive, and she just got a prized scholarship to Stanford! However, Hannah joins an online chatroom where she meets a boy she quickly falls for, and things quickly go from great to dangerous.

Deadly Infidelity

After a violent car accident robs Grace of her memory, a handsome stranger enters her life, insisting that they are lovers. As her memory returns bit by bit, the stranger’s story begins to unravel. Grace is forced to fill in the gaps and uncover the truth, suddenly fearing for her life.

Cheating For Your Life

When star student Kaley gets suspicious of a group of underachievers’ high SAT scores, she unwittingly uncovers a cheating ring and puts her life in jeopardy.

Death Down the Aisle

Malorie is torn apart to see her fiancé die on their wedding day before they can say “I do”. The autopsy report shows foul play, and she no longer knows who she can trust. After someone else who is close to Malorie is killed, she begins to fear that the murderer is closer to her than ever and she is left to wonder if she could be the next target.

A Fatal Rejection

When an au pair to one of the most well-known and wealthiest families in town rejects the father’s advances, she finds herself blacklisted and in fear for her life.

Bound By Blackmail

A woman finds that a self-improvement program called Initiative is littered with terrifying secrets.

The Woman with my Face

INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS: When Anya moves to a new town and is constantly mistaken for ‘Sarah’, she soon discovers that she and Sarah and in fact sisters and twins who were separated at birth, unbeknownst to them. But when Anya decides to investigate, she is soon met with a mysterious threat telling her it’s not in her best interest to keep digging…

My Husband’s Killer Affair

When Sherry Clark hires Melissa Juneau as their new live-in nanny, she has no idea the grave danger she has put her family in. As tensions escalate and secrets surface, Sherry must confront the betrayal lurking within her own household and unmask the puppet master pulling Melissa’s strings before it’s too late.

The Girl with No Name

INSPIRED BY TRUE EVENTS: When a famous podcast host returns to her small hometown to celebrate her parents’ anniversary, she rekindles an interest in an unsolved case that brings her face to face with a power-hungry predator who will stop at nothing to keep their crimes under wraps. Will she discover the truth before she becomes the next victim?