Eat, Love, London

All Stella wants is take over her small, family run restaurant in the US, and marry her long-term boyfriend. But when everything she thought was certain falls apart, and her best friend has an opening for a chef in a new London restaurant, can this beautiful city and a persistent food critic who has as much to gain from her success as she does, change Stella’s long held life perspectives?

Love at the Bootcamp

When a scattered marketing exec is tasked with helping an unpopular small-town bootcamp turn its image around, she finds that the strict, regimented ways of its owner might just be the perfect ‘fit’ for love.

Meet Me at the Christmas Train Parade

When Charlotte’s son Benny learns about the old tradition of the Christmas train parade, he persuades her to try and reignite the Christmas magic that brought together their community and the neighboring towns. They enlist the help of Benny’s teacher, but just as Charlotte thinks she might be falling for him, she finds out that he’s been harboring secrets related to why the parade ended in the first place.

A Match in Manhattan

When Celeste loses her job as a teacher in Rocheport because of her non-curriculum style of teaching, her boss puts her forward for an au pair job with infamous NY Property Tycoon Richard Trapp. With nothing to lose and an amazing opportunity to gain, Celeste applies and gets the job! As Celeste settles into this new life in the big apple, it isn’t all plain sailing, as she struggles with the children, and this isn’t helped by Richard’s girlfriend Julie – who is desperate to marry Richard and send the children to boarding school. Can Celeste win over Richard and his children so she can keep her job, or maybe love has other plans…

Vote One for Love

When upcoming Washington D.C. political strategist, Candace, is sent back to her Wyoming hometown to help the local mayoral candidate, she never expected to find her best friend’s brother, Derek, running for office! The second last thing she never expected was to fall for him!

The PA and the Manhattan Prince

Loyal, quick-thinking Lucy Woods is a Personal Assistant to the stars. Whether it’s juggling couture appointments for the Met Ball or dodging paparazzi on a coffee run, she can deal with any situation. But when Prince Rupert arrives in New York to make preparations for a masked ball, Lucy finds herself falling in love with her new employer.

How to Fall in Love by Christmas

A beloved writer-turned-CEO of her own Goop-like lifestyle brand, Prism, must secure a partnership with Singled Out to save her company, but the only way to appease them is for her to write a column on falling in love by Christmas with the help of the charming and handsome photographer who has been assigned to the piece.

Coupled Up for Christmas

This was supposed to be the Christmas Tiffany  finally gets reunited with her long-time crush Brett– but when she finds out he has a serious girlfriend, who is just perfect, she is devastated. Tiffany hatches a plan with a recently heartbroken Peter, to win back the affection of their respective soulmates by pretending to be a couple in love, but soon realise that they have more in common than they ever realised… Tiffany might just find love this Christmas after all.

Christmas at the Chalet

When ex TV host and socialite Lex finds herself faced with the possibility of spending Christmas sharing a luxury chalet with her son, ex husband and his new girlfriend, she volunteers to work in the chalet to avoid things getting too close to home, while documenting her every move for a new wave of followers loving this new chapter of her life.