A Bestselling Kind of Love

Nora is thrilled when her first novel shoots to the top of the bestsellers list but is terrified of speaking in front of crowds to promote her book, so Nora’s literary agent hires Daniel, a public speaking coach, to help Nora overcome her fears, which is easier said than done.

The Boxer and the Butterfly

When an aspiring dancer is dropped by her partner days before her big performance, she’ll need to teach a down-and-out boxer some moves to win the prize money and open her dream dance studio. But will their on-stage chemistry lead to some off-stage romance?

A Vineyard Christmas

Heather Marques, host of Tannin TV’s popular show: Read Between the Vines, is determined to create the perfect Christmas episode by featuring a unique winery from her hometown in Vermont the specialists in Ice Wine. The only thing standing in her way? Rudy Knobloch, the attractive, stubborn owner of the winery.

Take a Chance at Christmas

Balancing life is not difficult for single mother Sutton Kim, even when she must spend the Christmas season finding new clients for her publishing firm. Her son Jae, however, is convinced that her mom needs something (or someone!) else in her life, and convinced her to sign up on a dating app. Sutton swipes left on single father Mateo, but when she realizes this Mateo could land her a career changing book deal, she might just let Christmas work its magic…

A Very English Christmas

Christmas in the English countryside wasn’t on Kate’s meticulously planned festive calendar until her half-sister Harriet, who was brought up in England, announces her plan to get married on Christmas Eve. Kate teams up with Harriet’s co-Christmas market owner Dylan to bring order to this whirlwind wedding, but will Kate find her own love in the heart of England this Christmas?

Merry Magic Christmas

As Christmas nears, a financial advisor starts seeing a recurring number: 624. It’s the time she wakes, an address, the change at a Christmas shop. She’s told the number is from a Christmas angel to help make her heart’s secret wish come true. A numbers person, she calls it a statistical coincidence. But when she discovers the number’s meaning, she finds love.

Royally Yours, This Christmas

It’s Christmastime in buzzing Manhattan. Single mother and luxury hotel housekeeper Neve Collins never meant to deceive guest of honor James Winter, the Prince of Genova, when he mistakes her for a wealthy hotel guest. Sparks soon fly as the unlikely couple get to know each other on a royal tour of the city, but when a jealous Lady uncovers Neve’s true identity, Neve stands to lose her job, her reputation and the love of her life…

12 Dares of Christmas

High school teacher Elara’s quiet holiday season gets a jolt of spice when she accepts a 12 Dares of Christmas challenge from her sister while scrambling to ready her town for a Christmas exchange program with suave, opinionated French teacher Gabriel.

The Perfect In-Laws

After a whirlwind courtship and marriage, a young woman, Audrey, relocates with her husband, Xander, to his hometown after the death of Xander’s father. Immediately, Audrey begins to suspect that there may be more to her father-in-law’s death than a simple accident, and Xander’s sexy, seductress of a stepmother, Marlena, may hold the key.